Generally our hair get long for 90% and renew it self. This case can start from year one and last for 5 years , some 10% of the resting phase, keep waiting up to 2-3 months . In this case the hair may fall and go out again from the hair root and it goes in the same way. It is normal for 50 – 100 hairs to fall per day. But if the fallen hair is over 100 hairs you should see and expert, but never start taking medicine without talking to your doctor. The reason why our hair fall can be the disease of our time the stress, the use of the wrong shampoo and hair cosmetically product, genetic factors, women who gave birth the changing of their hormones can cause fair falls, wrong and faulty nutrition, menopause, aging, alopecia areata, control pills, iron deficiency, major surgical operations, some chronic diseases, fungal diseases, hair plucking disease ( trichotillomania ) and other many reasons. That’s why you should find out the reason and according to it take medicine, and it is necessary to have blood test. Some hair falls are genetic that’s why it should be tested in a genetic laboratory. The reasons of hair loss in the future for men, depression, introversion, extreme nervousness, negative consequences, such as decreased sense of self ego negatively affected the daily lives. For women too, giving birth and social problems were experienced. The person who suffers from hair loss can feel weak and tired.
To overcome all these problem ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics advisory center, cheerful, friendly and professional team will keep you light. To resolve this question we will determinate the reason of your hair loss, we offer you all the services and with the latest technology.

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