Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method of extracting, or “harvesting,” donor hair in a follicular unit

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

hair transplant procedure. In FUE, an instrument is used to make a small, circular incision in the skin around a follicular unit, separating it from the surrounding tissue. The unit is then extracted (pulled) directly from the scalp, leaving a small open hole.

This method of donor harvesting, removing follicular units one-by-one directly from the scalp, is what differentiates the FUE procedure from a traditional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), where the donor hair is removed from the scalp in one thin, long strip and then subsequently dissected into individual follicular units using a stereo-microscope.

Before the grafts are harvested, tiny “recipient sites” are made in the balding area of the scalp using a fine needle-point instrument. The follicular units are then placed into the recipient sites where they will grow into healthy hair-producing follicles.

Good Candidates for Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Those who require a quick return to work
  • Those with limited donor sites
  •  Those with a tight scalp
  • Patients with scarring from a past procedure
  • Those willing to wear the hair short

Necessary instruction and precaution before Hair Transplant Surgery

  • At least 3 days, at most 1 week before having the hair transplantation surgery you should stay away from alcohol and reduce smoking
  • One week before the hair transplantation surgery you should stop taking any Aspirin or its derivative
  • At least one week before the hair transplantation surgery you have to stop taking any medicine or lotion against hair loss.
  • Since you won’t be able to wash your hair for the 3 days after the surgery. You should take a shower just before coming to the surgery.
  • The night before the surgery you should get a good rest and sleep.
  • While coming to the surgery try to wear casual and comfortable clothes with, button, zip so it will be easy for you to take them off and wear them after the surgery.
  • Before the surgery you should have been done Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C and Aids test.
  • Do not get a haircut before the surgery.
  • Before the surgery you have to inform your doctor if you have any chronic illness, had any kind of surgery before, or if you are using any kind of medicines.
  • The morning before coming to the surgery get a good breakfast.
  • Please respect the time of your surgery appointment.

Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure

During the follicular unit extraction procedure, each follicular unit is removed from the donor area through a small round punch excision of 1mm or less in size. Grafts are then placed into the bald or thinning area.

After the Procedure

Follicular unit extraction is performed under a local anesthetic and does not require a hospital stay. Your hair transplant surgeon will specify after-care instructions, including what medications to use, antibiotics to take and restrictions on diet and physical activity during recovery.

Recovery time is minimal and many patients can return to their work within 1-2 days of treatment.

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