Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

The world is brighter when you smile.

You can lose your tooth for many reasons; including tooth decay, trauma or accidents. However, missing one or two doesn’t mean you miss out on your smile.

Estevip dental implants can provide a strong foundation for teeth replacement that look, feel and function as natural as your own teeth.

Dental implants treatment offered at Estevip, give ability to people, eat virtually and smile confidence.

We combine the latest cosmetic procedures with  high-tech dental lab to recreate the smile you deserve. Estevip Dental Clinic is adequately equipped with modern implant technology which helps dental implants better integrate with the surrounding bone, offering greater stability and long-term durability.

Dental implants Procedure

The dentist at Estevip Dental Clinic perform the procedure by surgically placing the dental implants in the jawbone

The titanium used in implants is designed to fuse with the jawbone. This prevents implants from slipping, or causing bone damage the way dentures. During the implant procedure, dentist will place a thin, titanium rod under the gum in the area of the missing tooth.

This rod will anchor directly to the jaw, where it will fuse itself to the bone and act as a solid foundation over next few weeks. The dentist can place a temporary crown over the rod until the fusion is complete. Once the fusion of the anchor to the bone has completed, the implant will be a permanent part of your mouth with permanent crown.

The crown must be custom-made and color-matched to harmoniously blend with the surrounding teeth. Once the crown is placed; it will provide a complementing look to the implant, appearing more natural and feeling as original as your own tooth.

Porcelain Coatings



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