Even most of the people think that hair transplantation is not a risky surgery, it must be done under doctor supervision and to avoid any complication it should be done in a proper equipped hospital with intensive care unit and emergency services. That’s why for our patient health and comfort we operate our entire surgery best clinic in Turkey and JCI (Joint Commission International) certified clinics, which are hygienically flawless and experienced in the field of hair transplantation.


Male pattern hair loss (MPHL) is started by losing hair above temples of the head. The hair loss then
gradually covers up the top of the head and also claims hair on the sides as well as rear of the head
giving rise to complete baldness.

Causes of MPHL: MPHL is known as androgenic alopecia caused by androgens or masculine hormones. Testosterone, a male hormone that is present in high levels in males after puberty, is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. DHT has an adverse affect on the hair follicles which slow down their activity to produce normal hair and even stops hair growth which further led to develop baldness. The genes are also responsible for MPHL through genetic predisposition. Hair strand grows through hair follicle, a tiny hole or cavity in skin. Baldness is generally occurs when these hair follicles are shrink over time, producing shorter and finer hair. The follicles do not grow new hair; however, they remain alive to produce hair in future.


Now a days a lot of women also suffering from hair loss. Disease of the century the stress, hormone imbalance, menstrual irregularity, pregnancy, malnutrition, deficiency of iron, wrong cosmetic product use and hair dye, menopause , seasonal transitions and more or less thyroid gland , as a result of the common problem which cause hair loss for women.
Comparing to men with women hair loss the ratio of MPHL is 80% while FPHL is 60%.
Women have 3 different type of hair loss:
1. Front line of top of the head goes back with 1 or 2 cm
2. Hair loss on the top of the hair (men hair loss type)
3. All the hair root become visible (women hair loss type)

For women hair loss, breaking and dilution, we are advising to our patient mesotherapy , ozone therapy or PRP cures to recover healthy hair and same look of previous natural hair. But if it in late stage, hair transplantation is permanent solution.


Hair Transplantation by the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE) was considered to be a breakthrough in the hair transplant industry when it was commercially introduced in the western world in 2002. One of the biggest concerns of potential patients remains the fact that a strip hair transplant may leave a linear scar at the back of their head, which could restrict them from shaving their head or have a very short hair cut. So the beauty of an FUE hair transplant is that in the hands of experts leaves no visible scarring.

Our medical team has accumulated enormous experience in the FUE technique, by producing thousands of amazing results and corresponding number of satisfied patients.
The most important difference between FUE and FUT techniques is the method used for extracting the follicular units. With FUE hair transplantation, a specialized punch with less than or equal to 1mm diameter is used for extracting the hair follicles directly from the scalp. The main advantage of this technique is that follicular units are extracted directly from the scalp rather than in larger groups, which deters the utilization of scalpel and stitching.

The extracted FUE follicular units are passed to the technicians of the medical team to check that the quality is of the highest standards under the microscope and immediately after group them into single, double, triple and quadruple follicular units .The grouped follicular units are then placed in to different sections of the recipient area under the instructions of the hair transplant surgeon. Always the single hair follicular units are placed in the hairline for achieving a more natural looking result

The main advantages in brief of the FUE Hair Transplant Technique are:
1. No linear scar in the donor site
2. Avoidance of scalpel and stitches
3. Fast healing
4. Less invasive
5. Minimal post operation discomfort
6. Collects more grafts and covered more bald area
7. Gives natural look


At Adem & Havva Hair transplantation center, we have been performing PRP therapy as a proactive therapeutic option for male and female patients experiencing hair loss. PRP is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who require stimulation of hair growth for hair loss conditions.

Recent scientific research and technology provides the medical community with new understandings of wound and tissue healing. As a result of these scientific studies, we know PRP is an all-natural medical procedure performed in physicians’ offices for hair loss or conditions causing hair thinning.


Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products that contain essential and specific growth factors that assist in tissue regeneration and healing. Published medical literature from Europe and the United States confirms the safety and use of PRP therapy. In the field of hair restoration, existing evidence demonstrates PRP therapy as a promising treatment option to promote hair growth.


Blood is drawn in our clinic as though you are having routine blood testing. Blood is spun in a centrifuge and the PRP is separated and removed from the rest of the blood.The PRP is taken from your body and is specially prepared by spinning down the blood cells to a high concentration. After centrifugation, the platelets and other vital growth proteins raise to the top of the tube. Under a topical anesthesia, a special micro needling roller device is used to stimulate the dermis of the scalp. This micro needling stimulation causes microtrauma to the dermis that induces other healing and growth repair cells into action. The highly concentrated platelet rich plasma (PRP) is then injected into the scalp and topically.
The PRP contains many growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle’s growth. PRP can be used preoperatively, intraoperatively, or post operatively. Some patient’s chose to have PRP performed every three (3) to four (4) months as early data suggests regular or semiannual PRP treatments can stimulate hair growth.



When we describe our hair we always say if it’s curly or straight, thick or thin hair, oily or dry, weak or strong. However our hair has other specifics except the one mentioned that we don’t know about. And sometimes they are the reason for our hair fall the quality of hair follicles, hair density, and elastic condition of the hair; examine the pores and skin texture. When analyzing your hair you should take in consideration all those details so you’ll get right and exact results. Hair transplantation, PRP, hair mesotherapy, hair ozone therapy, for example before the hair oxygen treatment, you make an analyze of hair fall type, the degree of hair fall, hair density, thickness of the hair, anagen, catagen, telogen stages hair ratio values is a direct impact on the measurement results .It is important for the patient to undergo this type of analysis methods and treatment to increase the efficiency. In some case in the hair analyses result it show a non visible skin disease (seborrhea dermatitis, nacre, keloid ext.) first should be treated by a dermatologist, then you should treat the hair fall or hair transplantation . This is a very important step in such diseases. For example, the skin is scaly spills observed in advanced of keloid. If you implant hair in this case of disease without treatment the result of the transplanted hair will fail. In this case of disease it is important to get a PRP, Mesotherapy, Ozone therapy, oxgygen therapy, special shampoo and medicine. With the medical treatment and the therapies the results will be better. In ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Center, everything has been thought about to take care and give the best medicine to your hair and hair skin health. Your hair will be analyses by a dermatologist, aesthetician, and medical surgeon. Our expert will give you all the information you need to know about after analyzing your hair. If you don’t need a hair transplantation or you need a PRP, mesotherapy, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy or medicine our expert will follow your case and advice with what is the best for you.


Generally our hair get long for 90% and renew it self. This case can start from year one and last for 5 years , some 10% of the resting phase, keep waiting up to 2-3 months . In this case the hair may fall and go out again from the hair root and it goes in the same way. It is normal for 50 – 100 hairs to fall per day. But if the fallen hair is over 100 hairs you should see and expert, but never start taking medicine without talking to your doctor. The reason why our hair fall can be the disease of our time the stress, the use of the wrong shampoo and hair cosmetically product, genetic factors, women who gave birth the changing of their hormones can cause fair falls, wrong and faulty nutrition, menopause, aging, alopecia areata, control pills, iron deficiency, major surgical operations, some chronic diseases, fungal diseases, hair plucking disease ( trichotillomania ) and other many reasons. That’s why you should find out the reason and according to it take medicine, and it is necessary to have blood test. Some hair falls are genetic that’s why it should be tested in a genetic laboratory. The reasons of hair loss in the future for men, depression, introversion, extreme nervousness, negative consequences, such as decreased sense of self ego negatively affected the daily lives. For women too, giving birth and social problems were experienced. The person who suffers from hair loss can feel weak and tired.
To overcome all these problem ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics advisory center, cheerful, friendly and professional team will keep you light. To resolve this question we will determinate the reason of your hair loss, we offer you all the services and with the latest technology.


If you already decided hair transplantation in ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics Center, our professional team will be with you and inform you with all stage of operation until discharged of hospital. After your hair analyses and physical evaluation  we will present you the report with baldness proportion, your hair suitable for transplantation or not, if it is suitable how procedures will be continue and how you will look like after transplantation. We advise you to share your sickness history, chronic illnessor medication with our doctors during the consultation

Before Hair Transplantation

Minimum 3 days,maximum 1 week before the hair transplantation surgery you should have to stayaway from alcohol and reduce smoking, taking aspirine or its derivatives, anymedicine or lotion for hair loss.  Before surgery we will ask you to make Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C and AIDS test. And also don’t cut or dye your.

During Hair Transplantation

Take a shower before coming to the surgery. While coming to the surgery try to wear casual and comfortable clothes with, button, zip so it will be easy for you to take them off and wear them after the surgery. Have a good breakfast free of caffeine. Do not use gel or spray on your hair, stop using wigs or hair replacement if you have.

Our expert will draw line to your head to show you the places they will transplant hairs according to your face natural shape. After drawing that you like and go with your face and we will brief you shortly about surgery plan, the surgeon disinfects the area and they start.

Starting by making the local anesthesia to the donor area, there will be minimal degree of pain and feel uncomfortable first but then you won’t feel anything until the end ofthe surgery.

Before starting the surgery the hair will be cut to a 1mm length, from this moment we start the FUE method and with the micro motor with start to take the graft out one by one,the roots extracted from the head will be putted in a special solution preparedin Petri dishes. We take out grafts as much as needed, and according to that the channels will be opened by micro tools, your hair will be transplanted one by one by expert hands. The technique of opening the channel and transplanting hair is will be made by professional equip and experts.

The drawing line should be natural and so the look of your hair that no one will be able to noticed or make difference, because it is your right to have a hair, and to beat peace with your mirror, or use a comb, to have your self confidence back. With hair person looks younger and the men’s important accessory is the hair.  And all those can become possible with hair transplantation.

After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation surgery doctor will inform you about that number of the transplanted hair. The transplanted hair and area from where the hair was taken should be protected. You should be careful to not hit or stump the transplanted area to hard surfaces for 1-2 weeks. And after the transplantation you should be aware from work out hardly, swimming pool, beach, and excessivesun as well.


If you have noticed your hair is falling out, thinning or you have developed bald patches, Mesotherapy is a
treatment worth considering.This revolutionary therapy targets the skin and helps to promote a healthy scalp and
healthy hair follicles. A course of treatment could be all you need to regain the hair you have lost and encourage
future growth.

Mesotherapy involves a combination of special growth vitamins and proteins being injected directly to affected areas. This solution is delivered straight to the mesoderm (hence the name) – this is the layer of tissue between the skin and layer of fat. These vitamins and proteins help to enhance the distribution of blood around the scalp which in turn triggers cell metabolism and revives the failing hair follicles.
The main reason for hair loss is a malfunction of the hair follicle. If the hair follicle fails, there is no support or growth structure for the hair and it simply falls out. This is why over the counter hair loss products do not work – they do not target the hair follicle. By reviving hair follicles with mesotherapy, the scalp is healthier and hair will start to grow again
Adem&Havva offer mesotherapy treatments to anybody suffering from premature hair loss or hair loss caused by Androgenic Alopecia (AGA) or environmental hazards. In addition to treating hair loss, this therapy can also assist with the elimination of dandruff or chronic dryness of the scalp. Mesotherapy can also be used to thicken the hair and revitalizes damaged hair. It all begins with a consultation where we can ascertain the problems you are experiencing and recommend the best course of treatment


FUE hair transplant normally requires the donor area to be shaved prior to extracting each individual hair follicle but the latest news is that Follicular Unit Extraction can be performed without shaving the back scalp.

This is called the No Shave /No Cut FUE method. You hair fall down, thinned out, or the front line went back, you may feel uncomfortable with the way it looks, and you want hair transplantation, but don’t want to lose the length of your hair. However, traditionally, doctors performing this type of procedure shave the patient’s donor area in order to harvest each individual graft…one by one. This has not been an easy experience on patients, creating embarrassing moments from being seen in public with a half shaved head, or worse, having to take time off in order for their hair to grow back in the donor area.

Trichologist Safiye Kurt, Founder and hair transplantation specialist of Adem&Havva Hair Transplantation Center, is proud to announce the implementation of the No Cut FUE method of hair transplantation.

From donor area we will separate the hairs with a special bandage and cut it small line with 7-8 cm of length and 2-3 cm of thickness. And from this area we harvest grafts with high concentration using a micro motor, and transplant them to the recipient area. After removing the bandage no one will notice or be able to see neither donor area nor transplanted area. With No Cut method, it’s possible to transplant between 1000 to 1500 graft. If this amount of graft won’t be enough to cover the empty area, patient will be needed a second session.

ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics Center, the method of NO-CUT has been practiced for year and by professional. If you chose this method please take a look at picture of former patients before and after results, who has done the NO-CUT method of hair transplantation before, and let your hair be analyzed and make sure that you need hair transplantation.

Here is a list of benefits in choosing the “No Shave/No Cut” FUE method:

• Quicker return to normal activities

• Harvested donor sites are completely concealed, immediately

• Allows female patients to have the FUE method, since most were are willing to shave their

• Ideal technique for patients with prior strip harvesting scars who now are choosing the FUE method, since the linear scars from the previous method will not be seen as they would if shaved

• Allows us to see, in real time, the effect of the harvesting being performed, avoiding over harvesting in a particular area, which can result in an uneven “thinned out” appearance

• Hair transplantation specialist can select, one by one, the strongest and best hairs to harvest, including hairs with the ideal curl and/or color, since they are being chosen one by one in their original length.

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Facial hair transplant is a procedure generally done on the men who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair from goatee, other parts of the beard, sideburns or moustache. The absence of hair could be hereditary or due to surgical scars, burns or other types of accidents. For some males, keeping a thick beard or moustache is a symbol of manhood and strength, while for others it is mandatory requirement in their religion. Moreover, it is also a fashion statement among many young men.

• The surgery is ideal for men who have spotty or patchy areas in their beards as well as moustaches.
• A densely grown beard does not only hide unwanted facial scars but some men with small or recessed chins like to have beard for enhancing their features.
• The procedure takes 4 to 6 hours to complete and involves harvesting of hairs from the donor site which is normally back of the head as applied in scalp hair transplantation.
• The hair seeds after removal from the donor are carefully placed in the thinning or patchy areas of the beard.
• Due to surplus of permanent hairs in the donor area the transplanted hair always grows.

Treatment Procedure

Adem & Havva Hair Transplantation Center use the same FUE technique what we use in hair transplantation over the scalp. The grafts are extracted from the donor site – back of the scalp. After this, these extracted grafts are transplanted on the patchy bald portions of the beard or mustache. Due to the abundant amount of hair from the donor site, almost all the patches can be covered and treated in a single sitting. So, beard or mustache transplantation usually gives very satisfying results. The transplanted hair grow naturally like other facial hair and can be trimmed or shaved.

The facial hair is transplanted with local anesthesia, and with the local anesthesia there will be no swallowing. Generally someone who doesn’t have any mustache should get around 500-1000 graft transplanted. For the beard it’s between 2000-3500. And for the sideburns it is between 750 – 1500 grafts. After facial hair transplanting it will have a natural look.

3 weeks later, the transplanted facial hair may fall little and that is normal. And the fallen hair will come out again after 4-6 months. And the quality of the transplanted hair will continue to get better for 2 years.

10 days later it should be use a scissor to shorten them or let them go longer. It is better to not shave before 8-9 days. While chewing shouldn’t move head, mouth and face. During the first few days it is preferable to drink liquid and eat soups and smashed food.
For more question and facial hair transplantation pictures request you can contact to Adem & Havva Hair Transplantation Center.


Many reasons lie under eyebrow fall. Stress, malnutrition, cosmetics, and the tattoo counted as main reasons.  Your eyebrow can fall little or completely. Normally after taking medicine for eyebrow loss it should help to grow it again. If it won’t grow up within 6 month or 1 year then you should take into consideration of eyebrow transplantation.

Loss of eyebrow has often and related with the accidental trauma. During the child aging their eyebrow are often eliminated with the lacerations.

The only treatment of eyebrow loss is the eyebrow transplantation.

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